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Ruinarch is a wickedly fun evil overlord simulator where you cause havoc on people’s lives before taking their lands. Inspired by story generators like Rimworld and Dwarf Fortress, create an infernal narrative for your victims as you poison food, raise the dead, and inflict endless misery upon them.

We've taken down the demos as they are already very outdated at this point and we are getting closer to our 2020 Early Access launch.


  • Revised UI/UX
  • Updated combat system - initial version
  • Revised event system - every event is now a memory piece that the player and NPCs can share with others
  • NPCs may watch as events unfold and react accordingly
  • Added a simple ruler succession system
  • Added Raise Dead ability
  • Added combat animations
  • Players may now drag the map using the left mouse button


  • Updated Intervene Action. It now adds a variety of short term status effects: Zap (stop movement and action), Spook (flee nearby characters), Jolt (double movement speed), Enrage (attack nearby characters)
  • NPCs may now attempt to break relationships of their enemies by sharing relevant negative information that they've witnessed or been informed about.
  • NPCs in a Dark Mood may throw tantrums and attack any nearby characters.
  • World objects may now be clicked. Initial actions available are Disable and Destroy. Disabled world objects cannot be used by NPCs for 4 hours. Destroyed world objects are permanently removed from the map. This uses a placeholder UI.
  • NPCs can now visit their friend's home and spend a few hours there.
  • Introduced Vampirism. Characters with Vampiric trait no longer can recover Fullness from normal eating actions. Instead, they must drain blood from unconscious characters. There is a small chance that the target may also become a Vampire. Vampirism is also an Abberation crime. This feature is only partially implemented and requires further improvements.
  • Introduced Unfaithfulness. Unfaithful characters may start affairs. Infidelity is a also considered a minor crime.
  • NPCs can now make love with a lover or a paramour
  • Characters may now sometimes craft Guitars, Beds, Tables and Desks.


  • Added Provoke action which may persuade an NPC to attack an enemy. Success rate is higher if the target is in a bad mood. Can only use on Humans and Elves.
  • NPCs can now bury corpses. Those with good relationship to a buried character may reminisce near his grave while enemies may spit on the grave to replenish Happiness. Added Cemetery area in towns.
  • New Serious Crime: Aberration.  For now this applies to characters with the Lycanthrope trait. If other residents witness a Lycanthrope transform, they will consider it a serious crime. Player may also store this event as an Intel and share with other NPCs.
  • Characters with Craftsman trait may now produce Tools and Healing Potions.
  • Cure and First Aid will now consume Healing Potions. Poison Food and Remove Poison will now consume Tools.
  • Various fixes on how characters take on tasks.


  • Added Share Intel response to Feed events
  • Characters will always prioritize more important tasks over Needs replenishment if they are not yet Starving, Exhausted or Forlorn
  • Fixed issue where Skeletons do not feed their prisoners
  • Fixed issue where a character following another character do not trigger their action unless the target character stops moving
  • Fixed issue on Rile Up's berserk mode sometimes ending prematurely


  • Revamped pathfinding and interactions
  • Updated faction job queues for performance improvement
  • Adventurers should be able to explore different locations
  • Added Crime System
    • A character will be branded a criminal if performs a criminal act and was witnessed by another character belonging to the same faction.
    • Initial crimes: Theft, Assault, Murder
    • Relevant characters that witness the crime will either apprehend the criminal or report the crime to authorities 
    • Player may store the crime event as an Intel and share it to others
    • Faction leaders will judge criminals and prisoners
  • Criminals and knocked-out enemies will be restrained and then hauled to the Warehouse
  • NPCs should be able to Poison, Curse or Assault their enemies
  • NPCs should be able to Cure, administer First Aid and Dispel Magic on non-Enemy characters from the same faction
  • Fixed Corrupt action and added Kleptomaniac to traits that it can inflict to NPCs
    • Kleptomaniacs will steal from other characters to replenish their Happiness Meter
    • Lycanthropes may transform to wolves at night 
  • Players can now use Rile Up action on wolves to make them run amok at a target location
  • Players can now use Abduct action on skeletons to make them abduct a character from Cardell or Denrio
  • Player can store events as Intel and use Share Intel action to see how relevant characters will react. Intel with implemented responses are:
    • when a skeleton drops his abducted character, friends and other faction members will attempt to find a way to rescue the abducted character
    • when someone commits a crime, characters from the same faction may have varying reactions depending on their relationship and the severity of the crime
  • Added wolf and elf sprites
  • Added sleeping animations
  • Updated town, dwellings and inn layout
  • Added tooltips

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